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The Story So Far

The Initial Novels

Our heroes have had previous adventures; here are a selection of them.

  1. Sands of Revolution
  2. Trouble at St Thecla’s
  3. The Case of the Toxic Wallflowers: A Bradwell Twins Mystery
  4. Beneath the Martian Sands
  5. Flight From Shadow
  6. Fate of the Empire
  7. A Ship In Harbour
    1. Prelude: The Lady and the Tiger

Rough Timeline

1835: Tobias born
1855: Tobias marries Ana (Tobias’ first novel)
1859: Katarina born
1863: Elizabeth and Daniel born
1871: Christopher born
1875—1878: Katarina and Elizabeth at school together (though several years apart) (school novels)
1885: Tobias officially leaves the Navy; becomes merchant captain (Empire in Peril)
1887: Revolution in Lovitznya; Katarina flees to England (Flight across Europe)
1889: Present day

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